Among the nearly twenty adult and children’s titles she has authored are books on human history and natural history, prehistory and geologic history, music, world cultures, and wars. Her most recent works include Great Migrations, the companion book to the National Geographic Channel’s acclaimed series on animal migration; Abraham Lincoln’s Extraordinary Era, the official Lincoln birth bicentennial book of the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum; 1776: A New Look at Revolutionary Williamsburg, a children’s book published jointly by National Geographic Society (NGS) and Colonial Williamsburg; Lost Boy, Lost Girl: Escaping Civil War in Sudan, co-authored for the National Geographic Young Adult Series; and photographer Flip Nicklin’s memoir, Among Giants: A Life With Whales. She has also collaborated with Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart on Songcatchers: In Search of the World’s Music and written Stonewall Jackson: A Life Portrait and Art of the State of Virginia.

As an editor, Karen worked on the award-winning Great Plains: America’s Lingering Wild, with essays by Ted Kooser and Dan O’Brien; Nurse: A World of Care, a compassionate look at the state of nursing worldwide by Peter Jaret and Karen Kasmauski; and Peace: Biography of a Symbol by Ken Kolsbun and Michael Sweeney. Among the many books she helped conceptualize and bring to life during her years as a senior editor for National Geographic’s Book Division, she’s particularly proud of Last Stand: America’s Virgin Lands by Barbara Kingsolver and Annie Griffiths Belt; Cradle and Crucible: History and Faith in the Middle East, with an introduction by Daniel Schorr; Another Vietnam: Pictures of the War from the Other Side by Tim Page; Broken Empire: After the Fall of the USSR by Gerd Ludwig and Fen Montaigne; and Peoples of the World with David Mayberry-Lewis and Wade Davis.

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Trial By Ice: A Photobiography of Sir Ernest Shackleton
Lost Boy, Lost Girl: Escaping Civil War in Sudan
1776: A New Look at Revolutionary Williamsburg
Abraham Lincoln’s Extraordinary Era
Among Giants
Great Migrations